Today silver price in India is ₹38,390 (Rs/Kg)
up +35 rupees.

Today Silver Price in India

  999 Purity
1 kilogram ₹ 38,390
100 gram ₹ 3,839
10 gram (1 tola) ₹ 384
1 gram ₹ 38
23 March 2019 | Today 999 purity silver price in India given in rupees (INR).

Today Highest & Lowest Silver Price

  999 Purity (Rs/Kg)
Highest Silver Price ₹ 38,390
Lowest Silver Price ₹ 38,365

Last 30 Days Silver Price in India

22 March 2019 ₹ 38,355 up+125
21 March 2019 ₹ 38,230 up+200
20 March 2019 ₹ 38,030 down-255
19 March 2019 ₹ 38,285 up+234
18 March 2019 ₹ 38,051 down-54
17 March 2019 ₹ 38,105 no change+0
16 March 2019 ₹ 38,105 down-72
15 March 2019 ₹ 38,177 up+219
14 March 2019 ₹ 37,958 down-902
13 March 2019 ₹ 38,860 up+174
12 March 2019 ₹ 38,686 up+131
11 March 2019 ₹ 38,555 down-183
10 March 2019 ₹ 38,738 no change+0
09 March 2019 ₹ 38,738 up+217
08 March 2019 ₹ 38,521 up+561
07 March 2019 ₹ 37,960 down-358
06 March 2019 ₹ 38,318 down-177
05 March 2019 ₹ 38,495 up+430
04 March 2019 ₹ 38,065 down-311
03 March 2019 ₹ 38,376 no change+0
02 March 2019 ₹ 38,376 down-384
01 March 2019 ₹ 38,760 down-849
28 February 2019 ₹ 39,609 down-507
27 February 2019 ₹ 40,116 down-44
26 February 2019 ₹ 40,160 up+6
25 February 2019 ₹ 40,154 down-126
24 February 2019 ₹ 40,280 no change+0
23 February 2019 ₹ 40,280 up+80
22 February 2019 ₹ 40,200 down-118
21 February 2019 ₹ 40,318 down-317
Last 30 days silver price in India given in rupees per kilogram.

Silver Price in India Cities

Mumbai ₹ 38,390
Delhi ₹ 38,390
Bangalore ₹ 38,390
Chennai ₹ 38,390
Hyderabad ₹ 38,390
Kerala ₹ 38,390
Kolkata ₹ 38,390
Today silver price in India cities given in rupees per kilogram.
Note: Liquidity of physical silver is not as good as that of gold and hence the sell price of silver differs hugely depending on its demand and supply in the local city market.

Silver Price in India in March 2019

Highest Silver Price 01 Mar 2019 ₹ 39,153
Lowest Silver Price 18 Mar 2019 ₹ 37,804
Silver Price on 01 Mar 2019 ₹ 38,800
Silver Price on 23 Mar 2019 ₹ 38,390

Silver Price in India in February 2019

Highest Silver Price 21 Feb 2019 ₹ 40,882
Lowest Silver Price 14 Feb 2019 ₹ 39,314
Silver Price on 01 Feb 2019 ₹ 40,745
Silver Price on 28 Feb 2019 ₹ 39,528

Silver Price in India in January 2019

Highest Silver Price 31 Jan 2019 ₹ 40,634
Lowest Silver Price 02 Jan 2019 ₹ 38,654
Silver Price on 01 Jan 2019 ₹ 38,800
Silver Price on 31 Jan 2019 ₹ 40,573

Silver Price in India in 2018

Highest Silver Price 15 Jun 2018 ₹ 41,671
Lowest Silver Price 30 Nov 2018 ₹ 35,035
Silver Price on 01 Jan 2018 ₹ 39,176

Silver Price in India in 2017

Highest Silver Price 27 Feb 2017 ₹ 43,431
Lowest Silver Price 10 Jul 2017 ₹ 35,560
Silver Price on 01 Jan 2017 ₹ 39,049

Silver Price in India in 2016

Highest Silver Price 11 Jul 2016 ₹ 48,464
Lowest Silver Price 01 Jan 2016 ₹ 33,250
Silver Price on 01 Jan 2016 ₹ 33,344

Use of Gold and Silver in the field of Ayurveda

Admired as two of the most precious metals, Gold and Silver boasts a multitude of virtues many of which, has already been successfully infused in different areas of applications. Being widely known for its ability in treating medical purposes, it holds a special importance in the arena of Ayurvedic treatment. The Ayurvedic doctors have even cited the term 'Metallotherapy', a treatment method where the metal plates are being deployed for assimilating energy into the human body.

Considering this prodigious fact, let us dive into core of the relevance and application of these two metals in practicing Ayurveda.

Gold and Silver Assimilation in Ayurvedic Treatment
Ayurveda, being the age-old, divine and astounding healing practice with its roots in ancient India has truly been the boon for humanity, because of its abundance of miraculous benefits. This archaic medical treatment includes the application of various rewarding principles, conventions, ingredients and life-enhancing therapies and alike any other holistic study, it comprises different sub-branches, each of which has its unique aspects of virtue and utility.

Likewise, there is a separate branch known to be as Rasa Shastra in Ayurveda, where various amalgams are being prepared by using Gold and Silver along with various other metals like lead, tin, copper, zinc, mercury, sulphur and more. A unique, long and strenuous process is being undertaken to form various, beneficial Ayurvedic solutions in which, various herbs and metals are being burnt again and again. Resultantly, the metals and herbs will get converted into nanoparticles.

Following here are some of the inherent, advantageous properties of these two metals.

Being majorly recognized because of its ornamental value, Gold also boasts a myriad of anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties and is deployed for manufacturing many health and beauty products. It is proven to be as highly beneficial for treating the ailments or health problems associated with heart, brain and lungs. Moreover, 'Gold Nanoshells' (tiny gold particles) are also used for treating some unusual types of cancers and HIV. They aid in minimizing the pain and joint inflammation linked with Rheumatoid Arthritis, which is an autoimmune disease, thereby slowing down the extent of disease progression. It also prevents crucial health ailments like Hysteria and Epilepsy and increases the extent of memory and intelligence. Furthermore, it reduces the chances of heart attacks, strengthens the heart and improves individual stamina and Arrhythmia. Being useful in healing respiratory diseases, it also plays a vital role in treating various types of skin problems including sagging, anti-aging and dryness. Being enriched by a host of antibacterial properties, it is preferred as an important metal for stents which, are used to support the weak blood vessels, wires in pacemakers and implants.

Silver, being known for its cooling properties, it is widely used for treating the excessive 'pitta' and 'vata' ailments. It is also used for treating the urinary and digestive system problems due to its antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Wearing a silver ring helps in controlling blood pressure and control the gastrointestinal system and treating the inflammatory conditions of liver and gallbladder. Furthermore, this metal is also used for manufacturing medical equipment which, are being deployed further for treating and preventing the spread of MRSA. Topical preparations or prescription of drugs comprising silver are used for treating various types of microbial infections as well.

Apart from the aforementioned process of converting the mixture of metals and herbs into finely-powdered substances (Bhasmas), another divine and astonishingly rewarding Ayurvedic solution are Gold water and Silver water. Following here is a glimpse of how the incredibly valuable metal water can treat various types of physical ailments.

Benefits of Using Gold Water
  • Strengthening the nervous system.
  • Improving memory and intelligence.
  • Alleviating various types of joint inflammation diseases including Arthritis.
  • Treating various types of respiratory diseases including Asthma and Breathlessness.
Benefits of Using Silver Water
  • Increasing strength and stamina.
  • Helpful in treating emaciation.
  • Helpful in treating Menorrhagia and Inflammation.
  • Enriched with antiseptic and antibacterial properties.
  • Helpful as a natural disinfectant.
  • Helpful in treating fevers and heartburn.

Introducing the Concept of Edible Gold and Silver Leaf
Another dimension of incorporating the use of Gold and Silver in Ayurveda is deploying these two metals in food sciences and technology. As per the principles and conventions of Ayurveda, silver boasts a myriad of antimicrobial properties and gold is an explicit aphrodisiac. Considering the same, the conventional habit of eating precious metals is not just limited to India, as it stretches its glory far to Europe as well. In fact, the European Union has accepted the use of gold and silver for manufacturing food foils as E174 and E175 additives.

Nowadays, the silver vark leaf has become very affordable, convenient and is mostly found on fruits, sweets and adorning some types of Ayurvedic medicines. As per statistics, around 275 tonnes (250000 Kg) of silver is being consumed by Indians every year.

Ancient Ayurvedic practitioners were undoubtedly the pioneer in throwing light on the potential of Gold and Silver in promoting health and wellness, while having a myriad of valuable properties that help in curing or treating various types of severe ailments. However, before you implement the use of Ayurvedic products which, includes the extracts of these two metals, you should have a clear perception about their ability and understand whether you would be benefitted by imbibing the use of them into your lifestyle.

Astrological Benefits of Wearing Silver

Mother Nature's trove is filled with a galore of metals among which, many are considered to be valuable for catering a myriad of purposes. Though the price of metals is estimated by an array of factors including demand and supply flow, rarity, cost of shipping, cost of materials, industry trends and more, however, individual liking towards a specific metal can be influenced by a plethora of other significant factors as well.

When it comes to evaluating the preference pattern of people in terms of metals, it can be undeniably said that apart from the monetary value of the metal, its unique metaphysical and physical properties are also being taken into consideration. In the league of most widely used metals, Silver undoubtedly holds a special place in our hearts not only because of its extensive industrial use but, also economical value and admiring appeal as a piece of jewellery.

Introducing the Admirable Impact of Silver on Astrology
Widely known to be a pious and auspicious metal, it is believed to represent the female energy of the moon and hold an array of magical properties as per the folklore beliefs. The Moon is known for enfolding a series of feminine principles such as motherhood, receptivity, nourishment, fantasy, creativity, imagination, safety, contributing, safety and affection. It is believed that the moon casts back the light of the sun, thereby throwing light on our path during the night. Thus, wearing silver serves as the threshold to overall contentment, inner peace, and a gratified living.

  • As per the Vedic astrology and balances the water and Kapha levels in the body. As per the writings in Shastras, silver is responsible for bringing luck and abundance for the bearer and is the harbinger of happiness and beauty in life.
  • Apart from its relation with the Moon, it also strengthens the position of Venus and helps us in keeping our mind pacified. Moreover, it is believed that if the position of Moon is on a weak state in your horoscope, your mental status is supposed to be adversely affected. As an effective aid, wearing silver will strengthen the position of the moon and will make our mind stable.
  • As stated in the Vedic Astrological sciences, silver boasts the property of flushing out all the toxins present in the body and improves the health condition as well.
  • Adorning your home with silver, considering different areas such as the kitchen or simply wearing it as a piece of jewellery can bring a lot of optimism and enthusiasm to your life. Moreover, it also serves as a sigh of relief for people who are suffering from some kind of response issues or is panic-stricken.
  • Ideally, you should follow a three-step process before wearing it. After you buy a silver ring from the market or online, choose a Thursday to keep it in the water for an overnight to ensure precise energy clearance. You can either mold the metal and meditate or keep it on the worship space to perform a puja.
  • Dipping the silver ring in sandalwood water will further serve as the absolute wiping out of all prior energies and making it completely pure. Then after you should wear it on the little finger of your right hand. While noticing minutely, you will be able to observe the level of positivity and contentment it brings in your life.
  • A striking positive astrological benefit of wearing silver is it enhances your beauty and boosts your personality as apart from the Moon, it is also related to the Jupiter planet. It also helps in curtailing your anger and calms down your mind.
  • Wearing silver also serves as a boon for people in improving the health as it immensely helps in treating various ailments such as arthritis, cough and cold and other joint related illnesses.
  • Wearing a silver chain is believed to be valuable in strengthening the throat chakra and have the potential of healing speech-related problems and stammering.

Final Word
An in-depth understanding of the unique astrological properties and usage instructions of silver and evaluating whether it will prove to be effective in fulfilling your needs and mitigating your problems is undeniably important before wearing or using silver as a part of your life. Thus, irradiate your life with the glint of silver and inculcate self-contentment.

Silver - The Poor Man's Gold

The idiom of putting all your eggs in a single basket is not considered to be a prudent proposition when it comes to investment planning. Portfolio diversification has always been the key mantra to mitigate the risks involved and minimize the volatility level. A galore of metals such as gold, platinum, copper and nickel have already gained traction in the league of prospective investment options, however, another alluring metal which is gaining rapid traction in this sphere is Silver.

With the virtue of being a moderately priced metal, it has emerged as a preferred choice of people both as an ornament and a bullion investment, thereby widely known as the poor man's Gold. In context to it, here we have compiled a list of significant reasons on why one should invest his funds in silver for yielding substantial returns.

An Affordable Source
Needless to say, Silver is highly affordable compared to gold, platinum and other precious metals and thus, investors can accumulate more amount of silver than other options by investing the same amount of money. This significant perquisite will certainly make it more acceptable for the small investors.

Positive Correlation with Inflation
Silver has earned wide fame as a potential hedging option against inflation. Inflation typically relates to a situation when the value of paper money decreases without any influence by the anatomy of metals. During this phase, the astute investors generally try to utilize their asset in the form of silver which, is known to hold their position unscratched against times of economic upheaval, while positively correlating with inflation.

Potential Option for Asset Diversification
Another key advantage of investing your funds in silver is it will work as a viable portfolio diversifying solution for mitigating various sorts of monetary, geopolitical and systemic risks. Alike gold, it boasts a store value and has successfully retained its importance in the financial market over a substantial period of time. Recent studies have underlined the fact that; silver belongs to a unique asset class which, features a negative correlation with other significant asset classes including government bonds or stocks. This, in turn, undeniably makes it a prospective investment option for the uncertain times.

Growth in Industrial Usage
Ranging from machines to jewellery, solar panels to batteries, a wide spectrum of industries deploy huge amounts of silver for manufacturing and production of goods. Certain advantageous characteristics of silver including high thermal and electrical conductivity, ductility, malleability, it is treated as a metal of high utility in the industrial sector.

The Gold-Silver Ratio Encourages More Investment in Silver
As recorded on 25th Sep 2018, the Gold-to-Silver ratio was been recorded at a high of 84.39:1. This piece of vital stats signifies that an investor can purchase 1 ounce of gold by spending 84.39 ounces of silver. Since the introduction of this measure, it has been considered as a crucial means of evaluating whether to invest in gold or silver at a given point of time. A higher ratio indicates that; silver was being undervalued than gold whereas, a lower ratio will indicate the vice versa. Thus, considering the aforementioned current rate, it can be comprehended that an investor can gain significant upside potential in purchasing silver at the present market price of silver.

An Explicit Hard Asset
Encircled by a myriad of trailblazing financial instruments including currency creation, paper profits and digital trading, physical silver stands as a valuable tangible hedge against all types of malicious cyber crime and hacking, as it can be kept absolutely private and confidential. It undeniably features a great deal of accessibility and can be carried all the time, everywhere and anywhere you want to (though ideally it's not recommended).

An Asset that Outplays Gold in the Bullish Market
Compared to other prized metals, silver represents a smaller market as because a little inflow or outflow of money within the industry can bring a significant price fluctuation in its market price. Thus, it features a high degree of volatility which, further emphasizes on the fact that, the price of silver reduces to a more extent compared to gold in a bearish market. On the contrary, its price will rapidly soar up in comparison to gold as well.

Growth in World Demand
Demand for silver in the global scenario is growing at a rapid rate. Typically, all the significant government mints have experienced a whopping record of sales, especially in India and China. Being noted as the behemoth silver markets worldwide, both these nations herald an enriched history of cultural inclination towards treasured metals and since, the population is growing, it is expected that their appetite will continue to grow indeed. As records have shown, the growth in demand for silver has increased to a rate of more than 600% during the period of 2006-2016 in India. Apart from the aforementioned, USA, Africa, Europe and countries in the Middle East are also experiencing a steep rise in demand for silver during the recent times.

The price of Silver depends on a series of factors including market speculations, currency fluctuations, purchasing power, current events and more. Considering the steady increase in silver prices for the past few years, investing in this metal has emerged as a profitable venture for the investors. However, before making the final call, it is certainly important to evaluate all its favorable as well as unfavorable aspects thoroughly as making a skeptical move would not only help you in gaining significant returns but, also pass over the pitfalls meticulously.

Investing in Gold vs Silver - Sharpen Your Perception before Making the Final Move

Since the ancient era, gold and silver has been yearned for and prized all around the world as assets of real intrinsic value. Being multidisciplinary in nature, both these propitious sources of returns can be a viable consideration indeed while planning your investment portfolio.

Starting from real estate to capital stocks, investment funds to retirement schemes, banking products to insurance schemes, the options are infinite. However, the aforesaid can undeniably be considered as two of the most conventional and prospective investment instruments that can cater the interests of both a venturous investor and conservative common man.

Gold vs Silver: A Comparative Approach
Owning a considerable sum of both gold and silver has served as a fruitful hedging option against the times of financial dire including catastrophic economic turbulence. Being two of the most precious metals of all times, they boast a series of promising advantages compared to any other form of currency. Since they are extremely volatile in nature, they would not be able to serve as an ideal option for the faint-hearted. Moreover, you cannot be able to invest in these assets on an intraday basis as the price swings rapidly, almost every now and then, which are enough to confound the brains of speculators.

Investing in Gold
Gold is indisputably a crucial asset of an ideal, profit-driven and diversified investment portfolio since its price significantly rises due to various events which, in otherwise result in a decline of the value of paper investments including stocks and bonds, coins and various other assets. Considering the same, people address it as a highly advantageous way of preserving their wealth and passing it on gradually to the next generations. Since the ancient era, we have observed a series of striking happenings all over the world including massive fall in the prices of U.S dollar, price inflation and deflation, geopolitical uncertainty, supply constraints, increased demand and portfolio diversification, all of which majorly influenced the value of different investment options, except Gold. Thus, it has immense potential to remain firm and unswerving even when perturbed with severe perilous financial upside downs.

Investing in Silver
Being currently sold at INR 40000 per kg, it is not just merely used as a piece of jewellery. The silver market experienced a soar during the first few decades which, however, is encountering a slower growth rate in the recent years. Being traded both as a precious and industrial metal, silver is priced at less than 2% of gold price. On the contrary, it is around 100 times pricier than copper. Compared to gold, this metal is more subjected to demand and supply constraints and considering its utility in building industrial products ranging from electric conductors, mobile handsets, normal lead acid batteries, solar panels to computers and more, it gets influenced by the drastic fluctuations of the Global economic cycle. Strikingly, gold is mostly bought by people for accumulation purpose, whereas, silver is used as a valuable metal for industrial usage also and thus, considered to be highly useful as well.

Following here is an overview of three crucial aspects, considering which will help you to understand the difference between Gold and Silver as a propitious investment.

Both these two metals reflect a high rate of liquidity while being considered as a valuable commodity and form of currency. Investors all across the world can buy both gold and silver online or from trusted metal retailers. At the time of selling, you can get a whole list of options including online retailers as well as local jewellers. In terms of liquidity, both gold and silver can be considered as potential options and thus, the investors need not worry much about supply shortage or storing the asset for long. However, while comparing the two, gold is in a better position because of its greater demand and supply.

Another key consideration is the deviation between the retail markup of physical gold and silver. Prudent investors always try to buy the metals at the current spot price or the price closest to it. However, technically it is almost impossible for the investor to buy the metal at the current spot price as because the trading companies from whom, he is supposed to buy generate revenue on the basis of buy/sell margins and thus, they add an additional premium to the final price. By choosing the right product in the right quantity, you can tactfully decrease the premium amount to a considerable extent. Depending on the market scenario, investment amount and personal preference; you should plan on whether to plough money into gold or silver.

As observed from the recent records, the total supply of silver on an annual basis is substantially higher than gold and thus, it can be stated that the silver market is quite bigger in terms of quantity than the latter one. However, considering the fact that the price of gold is way more high than silver, the total value of annual supply of silver becomes much lower when compared with gold.

Storage Space
Considering the metal Silver; it requires a huge amount of storage space compared to gold. At the current price, an investor will be able to purchase more amount of silver than gold, due to its substantial price difference. Moreover, since the density of silver is much less than gold, its volume is around 84% high when compared to gold.

Industrial Usage
As observed, around 12% of the total consumption of gold is being utilized for industrial usage. On the contrary, since silver boasts a set of unique characteristics, a hefty 56%of its total supply is deployed by industrialists for catering varied industrial purposes. As mentioned above, silver is considered to be one of the most indispensable metals which is both thermally and electrically conductive. Ranging from medical applications to electronics, solar panels to batteries, it is used extensively in varied industrial domains.

Both gold and silver have firmly stood against the test of time and served as a dependable store of value. Both these precious metals can be certainly termed as long-term investments and boast a set of common characteristics as well. Thus, meticulous evaluation of the aforesaid pointers is of pivotal importance for both an investor and common man to draw the conclusion that which one of these potential investment instruments can be the key to achieve their individual financial objectives.

Industrial Use of Gold and Silver - A Comparative Analysis for Investors

The current market valuations have encouraged speculators to bank upon gold and silver as propitious investment options capable of lucrative and robust returns.
The bullion aficionados across the globe incessantly harp on the ever growing importance of precious metals for industrial use, motivating the common mass to capitalize on the opportunity to multiply their assets.

Let's browse through the scope!

Gold and silver seems to outperform the entire league of precious metals. Gold being a historic winner in terms of appreciation since ages, the value is attributed to its rare availability on earth with respect to silver. Annual supply of new gold looms at around 120 million ounces, whereas, that of silver lingers around 1 billion ounces.

The supply in a way makes the latter more volatile, subjecting it to incredible price fluctuations, way higher than gold! Yes you heard it right! In fact, it has been historically evident that bear markets have experienced drop in silver prices more than gold and vice versa in case of bull markets. Therefore, in spite of being undervalued, silver often reaps higher returns than gold. Silver, often termed as a poor man's gold, is an affordable investment option for commoners with marginal capital at their disposal for investment.

  • Current trends seem to favor the demand for silver quite a lot. Its unparalleled application in photo voltaic technology owing to the incredible conductive nature and reflective property makes it the best pick for harnessing sunlight.
  • Its conductive nature is also put to use in the manufacture of electronic appliances and gadgets like computers, keyboards, televisions, batteries, cell phones, calculators, cameras, watches, clocks, and microwave ovens and in coating DVDs and CDs.
  • The reflective property also makes it the best alternative for standard mirrors
  • The antibacterial property is used in sterilization. Silver is used in the manufacture of surgical equipment, catheters, endotracheal tubes, hearing aids and antibacterial creams
  • Aqua filtration and purification processes demand silver
  • Anti Biotic resistant super bugs like MRSA can be treated with silver.
  • Besides the above, Silver is used in a large scale in manufacturing traditional jewelry as per the custom of specific races.

Among the selective drawbacks, Silver is tough to store in comparison to gold considering its volume. Gold uses much less storage space, is easy to transport and does not get tarnished easily. The susceptibility of silver to market fluctuations and economic upheavals often make gold a judicious choice.

  • The unique attributes of gold besides its value and price has proved to be a boon for the world. Even now, considered as a commodity, the versatility of the metal has encouraged its use in industrial sectors has multiplied over the years, ranging from manufacturing of electronics to space flight.
  • The inherent ability to resist corrosion prevents it from becoming a liability and proving it to be one of the most precious metal available for dynamic use. The US is known to have designed spacecrafts with pure gold which has stood tall against the test of time.
  • The ductile nature allows it be converted into thin wires without breaking off. The ease with which gold can be shaped and its resistance free nature along with its hypo allergenic attribute makes it the ideal choice for dental fillings. The amalgam of gold and a hardening agent create strong and durable gold fillings. It also serves to be useful in the treatment of arthritis.
  • Malleability serves best in making great contact nodes.
  • The natural thermal conductivity of gold tempers electronic gadgets, which would be otherwise too hot to be used.

Gold happens to be a recyclable alternative while ounces of silver is disposed off and destroyed to industrial processes. This has lowered silver stockpiles across the globe which is almost behind the curtains, thus, has not yet impacted investors much.

Central banks maintain huge reserves of ever appreciating gold owing to the ever increasing demand for the priceless metal. Gold purchase premiums are definitely higher considering just 12% of its demand can actually impact the price, thus, can serve as a safe investment option.

The above factors consolidate and dictate the value of these metals to a large extent besides the primary speculation. So, investors ought to adopt a rational approach towards zeroing down upon any one of it at a particular juncture considering the sudden paradigm shift being experienced by the bullion industry and world economy at large.

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