Privacy Policy

Personal Information further refered to as the 'website' may collect personal information from the user visiting the website asking for its name, email, mobile number, city and other such relevant details. Collect information may be used by us to categorize the user and to sent him relevant advertisement emails, SMS or WhatsApp messages; but only upon his consent. The personal information collected will never be shared with any of the 3rd party websites. Users may simply wish not to provide us with any such details as they are not compulsory for accessing the website.

Non-Personal Information
The website may track the visiting users browser info, the network and the user behaviour to help the website generate visitor statistics and analytical reports. Such further may further be used to analyse and enhance user experience of the website.

The website may set cookies to retain a logged in user state for its registered users or to track its user behaviour on the website.

3rd Party Advertisements
The website may show advertisements links, images or videos linking other websites. Advertisements networks used to display ads on our websites are carefully selected and we work only with the best in the industry. By clicking on an advertisment the user may land on a completely different website to which has no association with and hence thereafter we are not bounded by our privacy policy to protect you thereafter. We kindly request our users to check the advertiser websites disclaimer and privacy policy before using or acting upon any of the information provided on it.

Privacy Policy Acceptance
By continuing to browse the website it is assumed that the user agrees to accepted our privacy policy. If the users does not agrees by our privacy policy we request them not to use the website any further. Website has the complete freedom to modify or set new privacy policy at any point of time it wishes to do so. The users are requested to regularly check for the privacy policy before using the website and its related services.

Privacy Policy
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