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Gold FAQs

  1. Why should we buy gold on Akshaya Tritiya?
  2. Why do Indians buy gold or gold jewellery?
  3. What affects gold rate in India?
  4. Should I buy gold jewellery as an investment?
  5. Why does India needs to import gold?
  6. Do I need a PAN card to buy gold in India?
  7. How much tax do I need to pay on gold purchase?
  8. What should we consider when buying gold jewellery?
  9. From where should I buy gold coins?
  10. What does 916 gold means?
  11. What is the difference between Karat and Carat?
  12. Why is gold rate in India different in each city?
  13. What is Hallmark gold karat purity percentage?
  14. Where is gold found in India?
  15. How much is 1 tola gold?
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