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Where is gold found in India?

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In India gold is mainly found in Kolar and Raichur district (Hutti) in Karnataka and in Anantpur district of Andhra Pradesh.

India has 3 major gold fields. Gold is mainly mined from the Kolar gold field in the Kolar district of Karnataka, Hutti gold field in Raichur district of Karnataka and in Anantpur gold field of Anantpur district in Andhra Pradesh with the state of Karnataka being the largest producer of gold in India.

The main gold mine of Kolar is one of the deepest gold mines in the world and its production is decreasing day by day due to increasing gold extraction cost making it commercially unviable for mining companies while, Hutti mines are operating irregularly due to low grade ore issues.
Along with Kolar and Raichur (Hutti), some gold is also found in the Gadag field in Dharwad district while some new fields were been discovered in Ballara in the Tumkur district, Kempinkole in Hassan district, Honnoli in Shimoga district, Siddarhalli in Chikmagalur district and Munghur in the Gulbarga district of Karnataka.

The gold deposits in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh are almost exhausted as the main deposits of gold in Ramagiri are exploited to the maximum. In Andhra gold deposits are also found in Bisanattam and Palachchur of Chittoor district and in Jonnagiri of Kumool district.

Alluvial Gold Deposits
Alluvial gold is the type of gold which is found in the form of gold dust in soil, sand or gravel which needs to be panned or scooped from river beds or stream. Panning for gold has been one of the oldest ways of producing gold.

Alluvial gold is found in Jharkhand in the sands of Subarnarekha river, also know as 'Sona Nadi' in Singhbhum district and in the streams of Sonapat valley. Some native gold (gold in the form of alloys or single) is found in Lowa in the Singhbhum district and in some parts of Chota Nagpur plateau.

In Kerala alluvial gold is found in the river terraces of Punna Puzha and the Chabiyar Puzha. It is also found in Ambankadava Puzha, Chabiyar Puzha and in the rivers near Mannarkkat.

Lastly, small quantity of gold is known to be collected from the rivers in Shimla and Bilaspur in Himachal Pradesh, in alluvial and morainic deposits (glacier deposits) of Dras River in Jammu and Kashmir, terraces of the Indus River in Kargil area, Balaghat and in Seoni districts of Madhya Pradesh, Raipur Bastar, and Raigarh in Chhattisgarh and in some parts of Purulia district of West Bengal.
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