Things to consider when buying gold jewelry in India

thing to consider when buying gold jewellery
Below are the points you need to consider when buying gold jewellery in India:
  • exact weight of gold jewellery you are purchasing
  • karat quality of gold (22 karat, 21 karat, etc) used for making jewellery
  • gold rate charged to you and whether it matches the latest gold rate in the market
  • quality and fineness of jewellery work
  • jewellery making charges that you are paying for
  • is the gold jewellery hallmarked
  • is the jeweller offering a proper bill with GST number mentioned on it
  • are the gold charges, karat quality, making charges and taxes mentioned separately on the bill

Transparency is the key thing when making a gold jewellery purchase. You should not buy gold jewellery from any jeweller who is not willing or is uncomfortable sharing the above list of information with you.

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