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Use of Gold and Silver in the field of Ayurveda

gold silver ayurveda
Admired as two of the most precious metals, Gold and Silver boasts a multitude of virtues many of which, has already been successfully infused in different areas of applications. Being widely known for its ability in treating medical purposes, it holds a special importance in the arena of Ayurvedic treatment. The Ayurvedic doctors have even cited the term 'Metallotherapy', a treatment method where the metal plates are being deployed for assimilating energy into the human body.

Considering this prodigious fact, let us dive into core of the relevance and application of these two metals in practicing Ayurveda.

Gold and Silver Assimilation in Ayurvedic Treatment
Ayurveda, being the age-old, divine and astounding healing practice with its roots in ancient India has truly been the boon for humanity, because of its abundance of miraculous benefits. This archaic medical treatment includes the application of various rewarding principles, conventions, ingredients and life-enhancing therapies and alike any other holistic study, it comprises different sub-branches, each of which has its unique aspects of virtue and utility.

Likewise, there is a separate branch known to be as Rasa Shastra in Ayurveda, where various amalgams are being prepared by using Gold and Silver along with various other metals like lead, tin, copper, zinc, mercury, sulphur and more. A unique, long and strenuous process is being undertaken to form various, beneficial Ayurvedic solutions in which, various herbs and metals are being burnt again and again. Resultantly, the metals and herbs will get converted into nanoparticles.

Following here are some of the inherent, advantageous properties of these two metals.

Being majorly recognized because of its ornamental value, Gold also boasts a myriad of anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties and is deployed for manufacturing many health and beauty products. It is proven to be as highly beneficial for treating the ailments or health problems associated with heart, brain and lungs. Moreover, 'Gold Nanoshells' (tiny gold particles) are also used for treating some unusual types of cancers and HIV. They aid in minimizing the pain and joint inflammation linked with Rheumatoid Arthritis, which is an autoimmune disease, thereby slowing down the extent of disease progression. It also prevents crucial health ailments like Hysteria and Epilepsy and increases the extent of memory and intelligence. Furthermore, it reduces the chances of heart attacks, strengthens the heart and improves individual stamina and Arrhythmia. Being useful in healing respiratory diseases, it also plays a vital role in treating various types of skin problems including sagging, anti-aging and dryness. Being enriched by a host of antibacterial properties, it is preferred as an important metal for stents which, are used to support the weak blood vessels, wires in pacemakers and implants.

Silver, being known for its cooling properties, it is widely used for treating the excessive 'pitta' and 'vata' ailments. It is also used for treating the urinary and digestive system problems due to its antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Wearing a silver ring helps in controlling blood pressure and control the gastrointestinal system and treating the inflammatory conditions of liver and gallbladder. Furthermore, this metal is also used for manufacturing medical equipment which, are being deployed further for treating and preventing the spread of MRSA. Topical preparations or prescription of drugs comprising silver are used for treating various types of microbial infections as well.

Apart from the aforementioned process of converting the mixture of metals and herbs into finely-powdered substances (Bhasmas), another divine and astonishingly rewarding Ayurvedic solution are Gold water and Silver water. Following here is a glimpse of how the incredibly valuable metal water can treat various types of physical ailments.

Benefits of Using Gold Water
  • Strengthening the nervous system.
  • Improving memory and intelligence.
  • Alleviating various types of joint inflammation diseases including Arthritis.
  • Treating various types of respiratory diseases including Asthma and Breathlessness.
Benefits of Using Silver Water
  • Increasing strength and stamina.
  • Helpful in treating emaciation.
  • Helpful in treating Menorrhagia and Inflammation.
  • Enriched with antiseptic and antibacterial properties.
  • Helpful as a natural disinfectant.
  • Helpful in treating fevers and heartburn.
Introducing the Concept of Edible Gold and Silver Leaf
Another dimension of incorporating the use of Gold and Silver in Ayurveda is deploying these two metals in food sciences and technology. As per the principles and conventions of Ayurveda, silver boasts a myriad of antimicrobial properties and gold is an explicit aphrodisiac. Considering the same, the conventional habit of eating precious metals is not just limited to India, as it stretches its glory far to Europe as well. In fact, the European Union has accepted the use of gold and silver for manufacturing food foils as E174 and E175 additives.

Nowadays, the silver vark leaf has become very affordable, convenient and is mostly found on fruits, sweets and adorning some types of Ayurvedic medicines. As per statistics, around 275 tonnes (250000 Kg) of silver is being consumed by Indians every year.

Ancient Ayurvedic practitioners were undoubtedly the pioneer in throwing light on the potential of Gold and Silver in promoting health and wellness, while having a myriad of valuable properties that help in curing or treating various types of severe ailments. However, before you implement the use of Ayurvedic products which, includes the extracts of these two metals, you should have a clear perception about their ability and understand whether you would be benefitted by imbibing the use of them into your lifestyle.
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