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Unearth the prospects of investing in digital gold with Paytm Gold Accumulation Plan

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Capitalizing on the ever expanding digital realm, in sync with the rapidly changing financial landscape, Paytm has introduced Paytm Digital Gold. Also referred to as Gold Accumulation Plan by the strategists, it is being claimed as a first of its kind investment initiative across the globe.

Functional Aspects Define the USP
Empowering us with its unique appeal, Paytm gold acts as a catalyst in multiplying personal gold reserves, with an added advantage of liquidating the accumulated stock at any point of time. Though price of each coin will be decided by its weight and exclusive design, one can select quantity and denomination of gold from among the options available on the platform.

Registered Paytm users are authorized to use their mobile wallets to purchase 24K 999.9 pure gold without basic caps on the amount and unlike the hefty lump sum required to stash gold in lockers. The incredible part is, with Paytm Gold Accumulation Plan or Gap, purchasing gold has become more affordable and one can buy it at as low as Re 1!

Talking about easy access, sensing the nerve of today's tech savvy generation, who tend to look up to fast - interactive apps and e kiosks for transactions, Paytm's initiative can prove to be instrumental in cultivating the savings aptitude.

Qualifies the Certification of Purity
Considering the fact that Paytm gold has the hallmark of LBMA (London Bullion Market Association)- the international trade congregation responsible for silver and gold bullion, etched on it, it reaffirms 99.99% purity in contrast to 24 Karat gold with 99.9% purity.

Protected and Provisioned Against Plausible Eventualities
As far as security is concerned, Paytm guarantees to vault your investment under 100% insured facilities against all odds. Collaboration with internationally accredited refinery MMTC-PAMP validates the credibility and purity of gold being offered.

Taking custody of your investment right from the instance you subscribe to GAP, MMTC-PAMP ensures, the ownership of your accumulated gold is not transferred to Paytm or MMTC-PAMP at any point. By offering robust security to your asset at no additional expense, it saves maintenance from burning a hole in your pocket.

An individual is allowed to store his accumulated deposit from multiple purchases for a maximum span of 5 years from the commencement of specific transactions. By the end of the tenure, one is expected to take charge of their own asset or sell it off to a local trader by ordering the stock at home. In case the final date expires, an addon charge is levied.

These unique attributes count up to manifest the relevance of investing in Paytm Digital Gold Scheme, a proven alternate to the conventional form of purchasing and trading the ever appreciating Gold!
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