Preserving the Precious - Tips for Cleaning Gold Jewellery at Home

how to clean gold jewellery

With the rising global popularity of high-prized metals like Platinum, Diamonds, shimmering all around, the love for Gold has not at all been affected yet. Being the queen of admiration in the reign of precious metals, gems and stones, Gold surely still stands out to be the most classic and widely accepted exquisite one adorned by millions all across the globe. However, just as the 'Empress' always needs special, courteous and overwhelming hospitality; Gold also requires proper care, attention and guard against dirt, dust and depletion to restore its allure and value.

Regular-worn gold ornaments are exposed to dust, perspiration, makeup and more. To preserve its shine, you must clean it regularly with a solution of lukewarm water and dish soap at 5:1 ratio. Some simple jewellery cleaning tips that can come in handy:
  • Soak the ornament before cleaning: The gold ornaments should be soaked for around 3 hours and then scrubbed gently by using a soft brush. Then after, you should clean it with water and dry by using a cloth.
  • A Little Extra Effort for an Extra Shine: Using a jewellery polishing cloth for drying it instead of a tissue paper or paper towel can bring an extra shine to your ornament.
  • Use jeweller-approved cleaners: Alcohol has always been an incredible option for sanitizing and cleaning gold ornaments. However, apart from the same, there are various tested and jeweller-approved cleaners available in the market. As an advisable note, you should never expose your jewellery to bleach.
  • Check out for damage: Before you clean the ornament piece, you should thoroughly inspect that whether it has suffered any damage. Inspect the small pieces like gemstone settings, clasps and pins minutely which, are more prone to breakage and bending. If it appears to be bent or weak, you should take it to the professional jeweller who will refurbish the same and prevent it from breaking down completely. Cleaning that broken piece of jewellery in your home will result in the situation becoming more worse.
Some more gold jewellery cleaning tips that you can try at home
  • Take a glass jar filled with white vinegar and simply drop your gold jewellery in it for next 20 minutes. Stir it after every 5 minutes. Scrub the jewellery gently with a soft head tooth brush if you still find some stains. Wash it with clean water and you are done.
  • Apply some white toothpaste on a soft head toothbrush and gently scrub your gold jewellery with a light hand. Wipe you jewellery with a clean soft cloth dipped in warm water. Do not use this method to clean pearl jewellery.
  • To clean silver jewellery make a thick paste of baking soda and apply it with slightly wet soft cloth and rub it gently. Clean it in water and then wipe it dry with a dry soft cloth. Make sure not to leave any water on silver jewellery.
Another simple jewellery cleaning trick using readily available items at home
  • Mix few drops of liquid detergent with warm water.
  • Add a little proportion of ammonia to it.
  • Brush the ornament with a new soft toothbrush.
  • Rinse it well by using lukewarm water.
  • Dry it carefully by using a soft towel or simply with a regular cloth.

Since the traditional times, both gold jewellery makers and owners have practiced some archaic, tested methods of cleaning the ornaments for restoring its glitter and appeal. Furthermore, with the gradual growing orientation of technology in our lives, we have been introduced to a set of refined and more effective processes. Considering the fact that; lack of proper maintenance can degrade the quality of your gold ornament, thereby leaving it completely scratched, dull and even discolored, here we have thrown light on some of the most effectual ways of shielding its glow.

Daily Wear Jewellery Usage Tips
  • Remove the jewellery before you take a shower: Wearing gold ornaments during bathing can lead to the accumulation of soap, thereby causing a coating on the jewellery.
  • Keep your jewellery away from chlorine: Repeated exposure to chlorine might lead to weakening the structure of your ornament and eventually it will lead to breakage. Thus, make sure to take it off and keep aside before getting in a spa or swimming pool.
  • Remove or cover your jewellery before doing dusting and cleaning: Generally, household cleaners with abrasives or acids might damage the structure and finish of your jewellery, thereby leading it to breakage. You should ideally use rubber gloves during cleaning or simply remove the ornament.
  • Wear the jewellery last: Cosmetics such as perfumes, hairsprays, makeup or lotions might damage your ornament and make it fragile. Thus, you should ideally apply all the cosmetic items before wearing the 'Precious'.

Jewellery Storage Tips
Ideally, your regular-worn gold ornament should be the last one you should take off from its respective box to wear in the morning and first one to keep it in the same box at night. Preserving the jewellery in a similar way will certainly help you preserve the glitter and value of your priceless treasure.

  • Use a jewellery box: A fabric-lined, dry and clean jewellery box is the safest option to store your expensive jewellery.
  • Wrap all the jewellery pieces in a clean and soft cloth.
  • Store all the pieces separately: Storing each and every jewellery piece separately will help you to prevent any type of scratching or tangling in between them.
  • During traveling, you can store the jewellery in cases which, are usually made of leather and fabric and compact in size.
Few interesting facts before you purchase gold jewellery
  • All that's pure isn't necessarily stronger: 24 carat gold, being the purest form of gold is actually very soft, fragile and delicate to handle.
  • Alloyed gold a stronger choice: Generally, 10, 14 and 18 carat gold are being mixed with certain other metals such as copper and silver and thus, are stronger than its purest form.
  • Quality mark as surety: The gold purchased by you should always have a quality mark, with the karat value mentioned in it.

A Piece of Advice
Keeping an inventory of the jewellery piece is always advisable which, include all the details of it including description, price, usage and care. Having all these important details in a single place will be quite handy for you when you need to claim for insurance or file a general diary (GD). On a concluding note, you can schedule a yearly visit to a professional jeweller who is generally aware of all the suitable procedures with due consideration of properties of the metal and gemstones.

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