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Some interesting facts about gold!

interesting gold facts
  • Pure gold is soft enough to be molded by bare hands.
  • Gold is found on all 7 continents of the earth.
  • Some geologist believe that about 80% of the gold on earth is yet to be explored.
  • Experts say that there is 25 tons of gold present in every cubic mile of seawater but it is commercially not viable for us to extract it.
  • Scientists believe that gold can be found in space on Mars, Mercury and Venus.
  • The word 'gold' comes from the an old English word 'geolu', which means yellow.
  • Pure gold never causes any type of skin irritation.
  • Indians have been using gold in Ayurvedic medicines since ancient times.
  • India is the world's largest consumer of gold.
  • Two thirds of the world's gold is mined/found/produced in South Africa.
  • Gold does not rusts nor does it tarnishes or oxidizes unlike other metals when in contact with air.
  • One gram of gold can be beaten into a sheet measuring 3.52 square feet, similarly a 3.45 kilometers long wire can be drawn out of 1 gram gold.
  • Olympic gold medals are not made of pure gold anymore, they were made out of pure gold only until 1912.
  • The world's largest single piece of natural gold was found in Australia and was about 10 into 25 inches big.
  • Scientist have found microscopic gold particles in Nilgiri (Eucalyptus) tree leaves but it is less than 0.000005 percent of each leaf weight. Nilgiri tree roots go very deep in soil for search of water and at times absorb gold mineral (if present) from there. The mineral is later transported to the leaves by its roots following the natural process. It is believed that in future Nilgiri trees can act as gold indicators for miners.
  • Gold is not precious just because it is rare as it ranks 58th in rarity out of 92 naturally occurring elements. Gold is precious because it is one of the rarest metal but is also stable, non-reactive when in contact with air and of course because it is shiny.
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