Unravelling the influence of Indian Astrology on usage of gold

astrology and usage of gold

Gold, being the herald of prosperity and happiness is one of the most priceless possessions of people. Considering the grounds of astrology, it is strongly influenced by two powerful planets namely Sun and Jupiter and known for possessing the vibrancy that can bring soothing vibration and warmth to the body and soul. Also, several studies on Ayurveda have even stated that it serves as a sheer virtue for one's health and wellness.

Importance of Gold in Context to Indian Astrology
The journey of our life is all about where we stand and where we will head to in the due course. With respect to it, the study on Astrology helps us in fine-tuning our understanding of the various aspects of personality and the areas of conflict. It helps us in becoming conscious of our vices and weaknesses and acknowledge our real virtues, thereby enlightening ourselves in our pursuit of balance.

Gold boasts the color of the Sun, the supreme source of power on the planet. In astrological terms, the Sun acts as the center of identity, life force, consciousness and self-awareness. Thus, gold has proven to be greatly valuable for people who have lost the center of their lives, thereby bringing them into the alignment of the sun and their truest inner force. Moreover, gold has been observed to be highly helpful in supporting self-expression and decisiveness, thereby strengthening the inner male aspects.

Following here we would like to discuss on the Indian astrological beliefs associated with the priceless metal, Gold.
  • Gold is the flag bearer of luck, love, happiness and spiritual peace and thus, is treasured as a valuable possession by Indians as they prefer buying it on many auspicious festivals.
  • Wrapping gold in a red or yellow cloth while storing it can invite sheer good luck and prosperity.
  • Seeing gold in your dreams is believed to bring the notion that your family will become financially sound and stable and will retain the position for a long period of time, thereby achieving success in the future endeavors.
  • Wearing a gold ring on the index finger is auspicious for people who suffer from lack of concentration. Similarly, wearing a gold ring on the middle finger and little finger would help the people in getting rid of their fame or esteem related issues and respiratory problems respectively.
  • Wearing gold has been observed to help many men in maintaining a sound balance in their lives, whose horoscopes are strongly influenced by the water energy.
  • Wearing gold around your neck, for instance, in the form of a necklace or pendant is believed to help women with their marital problems.
  • One of the rewarding benefits of wearing gold jewellery is it introduces divine consciousness to the body and soul, thereby boosting the sense of spiritual healing and strengthening protection against negative energies.

On the contrary, Gold can also bring sheer bad luck or negative energy to the person if not worn properly, with due consideration to the rules and sentiments involved. Since Sun and Jupiter are the planetary lords of Gold, gifting or making gold donations to your father, guru or teacher is believed to be an auspicious gesture. However, as per the traditional customs and beliefs, you must not accept any gold article if it is gifted by any enemy.

On a concluding note, we can infer that mankind was always in the relentless pursuit of lucky charms to enhance the state of their planetary positions and bring wellness and balance into lives. In context to it, gold is treasured as the harbinger of positive vibes, energy and enthusiasm and repel the evil and adversity oriented forces from our lives.

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