Hallmark Gold Karat Purity Table

hallmark gold karat purity table

Below is the Hallmark gold karat purity table based on the BIS Hallmark standards in India.

KaratHallmark StandardPurity of Gold
24 Karat99999.9% or higher
23 Karat95895.8%
22 Karat91691.6%
21 Karat87587.5%
20 Karat83383.3%
18 Karat75075.0%
15 Karat62562.5%
14 Karat58558.5%
12 Karat50050.0%
10 Karat41741.7%
09 Karat37537.5%
08 Karat33333.3%
06 Karat25025.0%

Note: It's always recommended to buy Hallmarked jewellery as the BIS Hallmark stamp on it indicates the authenticity and purity of gold. If you are buying old gold jewellery which does not have a Hallmark stamp on it for some reasons, you can first visit a trusted local jeweller to make sure that the gold jewellery you are buying is not fake and later you can get it Hallmarked from the nearest Hallmarking centre in your city to certify it.

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