Gold and Feng Shui - The Color of Money, Wealth, Warmth and Happiness

gold and feng shui

In the world of metals, gold is by far one of the most pricey, adored and lustrous chemical elements. Apart from wearing it as a piece of jewellery, it is also being considered as a potential way of hedging against inflation or any type of economic turbulence for investors. But, what you might not be knowing till now is its astonishing influence in ushering good luck and positive energy upon human lives.

Yes, though it might sound quite implausible to you, precise elements of evidence are being drawn out by researchers, inferring that it serves as a harbinger of sheer wellness and prosperity. As per the principles and conventions of Feng Shui, the gold color is considered to be the color of the sun which brings light, happiness and wealth.

Before diving into the depth of this divine relation between Gold and Feng Shui, let's understand what Feng Shui is all about.

What is Feng Shui
Feng Shui is notably one of the ancient Chinese practices of Geomancy, or literally can be referred to the art of arranging or placing items auspiciously. The meaning of these two words 'Feng' and 'Shui' are Wind and Water respectively. As per the Chinese folklore, it is believed to originate from the gospel that during the ancient times, people used to nestle up villages by evaluating the location on the basis of its proximity to water and availability of wind.

This conventional, widely popular, divine way of living is a fusion of pragmatics (placing things as per their utility) and aesthetics (placing things as per their appeal). As a complex discipline of knowledge, it blossomed in China for more than 3000 years ago with profound focus on how balancing the energies of a given place can bring good fortune to people. This is practiced by orienting our lives with the all-pervasive energy; 'Chi' which, enwraps our universe for bringing health and happiness.

How Gold Influences Feng Shui
The metal Gold as well as its hue, hosts pivotal importance in Feng Shui, since it represents vibrant, positive energy that can invite good fortune to your home.

Golden ingots (gold blocks) is a conventional popular gold item in Chinese culture. As what the Feng Shui infers, golden ingots are believed to be effective in triggering happiness, attracting wealth, balance and peace and thus, you can ideally keep them at entrance of the home or in the living room. Keeping them in your workstation or office can also boost your financial luck.

Some of the highly distinguished Feng Shui experts state that gold-oriented home decorations aid in strengthening the heart and boosting its level of endurance. Surprisingly, the gold colour in contemporary interior decorating ideas can bring positive energy to your home, thereby creating a rewarding environment which attracts wealth and progress.

Feng Shui Tips to Place Gold or Gold Coloured Objects in Your Home for Promoting a Better Living
  • Since the effervescence of gold symbolizes Fire as per the principles or connotations of Feng Shui, it can bring a ray of warmth and enthusiasm to the bedroom. You can go for some antique gold frames for the photos or an outlandish wall hanging or decal to complete the desired look. You can also try a mirror, outlined by gold border to add a magnificent appeal to the room.
  • Keeping a Golden Laughing Buddha in the living room can shower good luck and fortune for your entire family. You can also keep a gold decorative item on the coffee table or place a wallpaper, which is adorned with gold embroidered design.
  • Keeping the gold coins in a set of three or nine by tying them with a red string is another way of welcoming wealth and prosperity to your home as per Feng Shui.
  • Place one black-coloured goldfish and eight gold coloured gold fish in an aquarium can help in harnessing positive energy and bringing good luck and prosperity to your home.
  • Popularly known as the 'Golden Dragon' in China, the Arowana fish showpiece can also bring unlimited wealth to your home. For best results 'Golden Arowana' are recommended.
  • Generally placed near the door, the gold toad is another exquisitely carved auspicious item which is believed to be highly effective in accumulating wealth.
  • The Wealth ship, being a widely acknowledged auspicious Feng Shui item, comes with an array of wealth symbols such as Chinese coins, Golden ingots, red envelopes and believed to bring an abundance of energy to your doorstep.
  • Other golden-coloured elements such as bowls, lamp bases and figurines can bring a vibrant touch to your home. These exquisite pieces as mentioned above can promote a wealth-enhancing atmosphere altogether, thereby infusing the Yang energy of the Sun in your home, which aids in adding positivity and prosperity, thereby activating it for wealth.
  • The least we can do for bringing a golden glow to the home is using a bunch of yellow baskets or candles to glorify the space with a golden tint. Keeping these two together can help you create a sunny warm spot in any area of the home. Yellow holds a deep association with the precious Gold, warm sunshine or sweet honey and thus, can set the ambience positive and cheerful.

Gold boasts enormous ability to generate wealth and prosperity as per the conventions and gospels of Feng Shui. Thus, keeping this into consideration, spruce up your home with the majestic aura of Gold and pave the path towards a contented, prosperous and positive life ahead.

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