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Astrological Benefits of Wearing Silver

astrology and silver
Mother Nature's trove is filled with a galore of metals among which, many are considered to be valuable for catering a myriad of purposes. Though the price of metals is estimated by an array of factors including demand and supply flow, rarity, cost of shipping, cost of materials, industry trends and more, however, individual liking towards a specific metal can be influenced by a plethora of other significant factors as well.

When it comes to evaluating the preference pattern of people in terms of metals, it can be undeniably said that apart from the monetary value of the metal, its unique metaphysical and physical properties are also being taken into consideration. In the league of most widely used metals, Silver undoubtedly holds a special place in our hearts not only because of its extensive industrial use but, also economical value and admiring appeal as a piece of jewellery.

Introducing the Admirable Impact of Silver on Astrology
Widely known to be a pious and auspicious metal, it is believed to represent the female energy of the moon and hold an array of magical properties as per the folklore beliefs. The Moon is known for enfolding a series of feminine principles such as motherhood, receptivity, nourishment, fantasy, creativity, imagination, safety, contributing, safety and affection. It is believed that the moon casts back the light of the sun, thereby throwing light on our path during the night. Thus, wearing silver serves as the threshold to overall contentment, inner peace, and a gratified living.
  • As per the Vedic astrology and balances the water and Kapha levels in the body. As per the writings in Shastras, silver is responsible for bringing luck and abundance for the bearer and is the harbinger of happiness and beauty in life.
  • Apart from its relation with the Moon, it also strengthens the position of Venus and helps us in keeping our mind pacified. Moreover, it is believed that if the position of Moon is on a weak state in your horoscope, your mental status is supposed to be adversely affected. As an effective aid, wearing silver will strengthen the position of the moon and will make our mind stable.
  • As stated in the Vedic Astrological sciences, silver boasts the property of flushing out all the toxins present in the body and improves the health condition as well.
  • Adorning your home with silver, considering different areas such as the kitchen or simply wearing it as a piece of jewellery can bring a lot of optimism and enthusiasm to your life. Moreover, it also serves as a sigh of relief for people who are suffering from some kind of response issues or is panic-stricken.
  • Ideally, you should follow a three-step process before wearing it. After you buy a silver ring from the market or online, choose a Thursday to keep it in the water for an overnight to ensure precise energy clearance. You can either mold the metal and meditate or keep it on the worship space to perform a puja.
  • Dipping the silver ring in sandalwood water will further serve as the absolute wiping out of all prior energies and making it completely pure. Then after you should wear it on the little finger of your right hand. While noticing minutely, you will be able to observe the level of positivity and contentment it brings in your life.
  • A striking positive astrological benefit of wearing silver is it enhances your beauty and boosts your personality as apart from the Moon, it is also related to the Jupiter planet. It also helps in curtailing your anger and calms down your mind.
  • Wearing silver also serves as a boon for people in improving the health as it immensely helps in treating various ailments such as arthritis, cough and cold and other joint related illnesses.
  • Wearing a silver chain is believed to be valuable in strengthening the throat chakra and have the potential of healing speech-related problems and stammering.
Final Word
An in-depth understanding of the unique astrological properties and usage instructions of silver and evaluating whether it will prove to be effective in fulfilling your needs and mitigating your problems is undeniably important before wearing or using silver as a part of your life. Thus, irradiate your life with the glint of silver and inculcate self-contentment.
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